Dear Chantal

Once again, thank you so much for taking time to speak to our students about communication and bringing this important skill back into the central focus of their second semester.

The reason I wanted you to spearhead this discussion with the students – and the Postgrad Staff was not only based on my experience with you; you have a way of investing in things we take for granted and reminding us of how important communication is – but, from a pedagogical perspective, this reminder you gave us and our students – came at exactly the right time, in the right tone, and in the correct format. Thank you.

The knock on effect of your workshop: We are noticing how the students and staff are refocussing their collaboration energies to be very aware of their communication skills – how what is being said could be heard, what is being said, and how things are said. The very reflexive effect of your workshop is helping students to navigate the graduation production phase, to navigate this very stressful time. For my staff, your reminder of applying empathy, trusting process and a refocus of their roles with the students – is extremely valuable.

I appreciate your clear communication, your passion with the people in the room, and your very concise focus on this thing we all think we are good at – communication.

Thank you!


July 2022